Developing startups and highload websites using User Driven Development methodology

Our R&D is in Moscow so you can save up to 60%

Startups are risky. Only some of them get to the beta, 80% of which are not used by anyone and 92% are closed within 3 years. We've built over 30 various startup projects and our experience can help minimize risks losing money and time.

Our methodology

Fast and cheap MVP

We strongly believe that any project can be described in one sentence and launched in 1-2 months. Otherwise it means it's bloated with features no one needs.

Maximum customer development

All feature decisions are made only on product usage metrics, not on feature list or backlog. It helps us launch a product that not only works but is being used.

Speed and agility

We will be updating your project each 1-2 weeks or even less. Life is too short to wait months for a website update!

How is it done?

Contact us or estimate project with a bot

You answer a few questions about your project. Our special trained bot will give you a quick estimate of budget and timing in a few minutes.

Poker planning

If you are good with our estimate then we'll ask you a few more questions to split the project into 25-50 small modules. Each module will be estimated by the whole project team. After that we will provide our vision of MVP with exact price and deadline.


Before starting coding or opening Photoshop we draw a simple mockup of all pages with texts and schematic blocks. It helps get a single vision on the project features and UI.


Our design team develops a concept based on experience and researches of the target audience. Micro animations are being developed at this step too.

Development and testing

So after design is finished we get to the main part: development. For every project we include adaptive cross browser markup. Almost every backend we built is a RESTful API so adding e.g. mobile application for a website is never a problem. After the development is finished we mercilessly test it by a dedicated QA team. Even a small MVP should be free of bugs.

Release day

After the technical part of the project is finished it is time to start marketing. Usually at this moment we already have a small number of beta users collected through a landing page during development. So we only need to set up Analytics and draw first users to the website.

Improvise. Adapt. Overcome.

Only by talking to your real customers we can decide what to do next. Our initial plan can be completely screwed up and it' OK. Every next release will take 1-2 weeks after which we will analyze metrics and decide what we'll be building next.

Our latest projects



Callmaker allows website visitors to request a callback within 25 seconds from any page of your website. A guaranteed and automated phone connection is absolutely free for website customers worldwide. Our AI analyzes visitor behavior and shows them a simple pop-up when they are ready to make a buying decision. So, a consumer orders a callback, and website owner gets a lead on the phone


Media about us

Our technology stack

More than just development

We're focused strictly on highload development, but we want your project to be successful. That's why we'll help you with every aspect of your business. Or will ask our partner

Marketing support

We'll help with audience research and marketing. A small group of first users is usually included for each project.

Product support

You'll get product ideas, analytics and customer development.

soon Acceleration

In the near future we're planning to lead projects after MVP to our partners accelerators for getting later investments.

Just one step left before your project launch!

Talk to a human

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